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It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, and I have no excuses! I’ve been updating and adding to my “outline” and plugging away at Chapter IV, and I’m almost through with it! Between the Lion and the Wolf is hovering around 33,000 words right now.

I’ve been creating a few auxiliary assets to both keep me grounded in Kalas’ world, and to explore what some of its history might look like. The featured image for this post you’ve seen before (in full) if you follow me on Instagram. Image 1 is an unadorned version:

Auxiliary image
Image 1. An “auxiliary” image from the world of The Daybringer.

If you’ve read Beneath the Vault of Stars, you might recognize the above image (even though it’s not described in too much detail). You might not, and that’s just fine, too. I’ve got a bunch of stuff like this. I’d have a bunch more, but I’m not that talented an illustrator. Or patient. I’m not that patient an illustrator! That’s probably closer to the truth. One of my favorite assets is the Poyïsriba falcon (featured on the bookmarks I had printed). I even tossed that sucker on a T-shirt! (And it looks great, if I might boast a little!)


I’ve said before that sometimes it’s surprising to see where the story goes while I’m (loosely!) following my outline, and Chapter IV is no exception! My outline consists of several loose threads, and sometimes I’m not sure I have any idea how one might connect with another—or if it should at all. Here, I’ve looped a few together, and I like the direction things have taken! That’s one of the benefits of remaining flexible with an outline. Granted, it tends to draw things out while discovering the shape the story needs to take, but trading a little time and gaining increased freedom is a worthy exchange.

Here’s a slice of Chapter IV:

“I was right about ekume,” Shosafin continued, ignoring his cousin’s interruption. “Just not about Marugan. From what I uncovered, some ancient, almost-forgotten cult’s been consolidating influence among Serular’s elite. Something called the Ragus pïni Tshaggul Kavar—the Cult of the Deathless Flame. Most townsfolk gushed about some figure ‘circumfused in fire and shadow’ making the rounds, performing impossible acts. They claimed he was the embodiment of the Deathless Flame, that he’d ‘stepped out of history’ for some ‘special purpose.’ Never learned what that was. They said when some of the old cult’s more fervent adherents challenged him, he called forth shards of light, caused them to rain down upon his accusers until every last one had been consumed. Most Serularrinme quickly fell in line.”

If you’ve read Book I, please consider writing a review! More reviews means potential readers can gain a better sense of what the book’s about and make an informed decision whether to purchase a copy for themselves.

If you haven’t read Book I, what are you waiting for?! 😉

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