Available now: Between the Lion & the Wolf!

For those who’ve been waiting, I’m happy to announce that Between the Lion & the Wolf (BLW) is now available! Both paperback and Kindle versions are up on Amazon, just waiting for you to snag ’em!

I could have made BLW available a little sooner, but I wanted to get everything as “just right” as possible. And now, I think it is! BLW weighs in at roughly 193K words (Beneath the Vault of Stars [BVS] is roughly 113K—BLW is a little more than two-thirds more story).

Below, I’m including the entire cover (front and back) for BLW. Just in case that little thumbnail at the top right is too inconspicuous!

Available now: Between the Lion & the Wolf

When will Above the Circle of the Earth (ACE) be available?

Fair question! Since I haven’t been writing for the last month (it seems), I can’t answer it! Rest assured, I’ve been working on my list of loose ends that I’ll need to tie up. And keeping track of any “clues” I’ve dropped along the way. When I complete that list, I’ll be better positioned to dive deeper into my “outline.”

One warning: I might not address every “hanging lantern” in ACE. (I don’t want to sew everything up too neatly!) In a world as vast as this, other stories, told from other points of view, must exist… (Stories like Tsharak’s Tale, f’rinstance!)

But before I turn my attention to anything like that, I need to get to work on ACE (again). (I’m also dealing with other “life stuff,” as is everyone, I’m sure, and I need to get that sorted, too.)

If you haven’t yet read Beneath the Vault of Stars, I hope you will. And I hope you enjoy it. Afterward, I hope you’ll read Between the Lion & the Wolf and enjoy it as well! (And I hope you’ll write a review when you’re done!)

Thanks for reading!

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