Chapter III for Book II is finished!

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It’s been a while since I’ve had anything noteworthy to post, and I’m not sure if completing a chapter really counts. I’m operating under the assumption that yes, it does count!

Chapter III for Between the Lion and the Wolf took a little more coaxing to extract from…wherever it is this stuff comes from! That’s because, in part, there are a lot of threads about to come unraveled, and I want to be sure I’m placing them in the right spots. The good thing about being a writer (in this regard, at least!), is I can always come back and undo something if I realize it’s stupid. Of course, that means I have to come up with something unstupid, but hey.

Poïsriba Kàsh bookmark (small)Holly Springs, North Carolina, is ramping up for its annual Community Arts Festival, and one of the new features for 2018 is a book festival featuring local authors. Details are incomplete, but right now, I plan to have a table where I can interact with people from the community. And sell books. Not gonna lie. This will be a first for me, and I’m looking forward to it! Outside of my Facebook page and a few Instagram posts (and Twitter, which I still haven’t spent enough time with), I still haven’t figure out an effective way (or ways) of marketing my book. It’s my hope I’ll be able to connect with people through this Festival and let them know about my book (and the other two forthcoming)! If you’re local to the area, look for me! I’ll have bookmarks available [right] featuring the Poyïsriba Kàsh (Falcon) emblem as long as supplies (and interested parties) last!

Book II is up to just shy of 25,000 words now! According to Google Docs’ Word Count feature. I’ve discovered that no two word counting algorithms work the same: were I to copy and paste everything into Word, I’d get a different number. Maybe higher, maybe lower, but different. Still, Between the Lion and the Wolf is shaping up to be a meatier volume than Beneath the Vault of Stars. I’m pretty confident that’s a good thing!

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