green forest with crepuscular rays

One more chapter left to write!

There’s just one more chapter left to write for Between the Lion and the Wolf (BLW)! I have no idea why Chapter XIX almost leapt onto the page (screen?) while the preceding two or three (or four) put up a good fight, but I’m glad it’s here! I needed to…

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Clouds over Sebec Lake

Chapter XVIII: Done!

It’s been a rough start to 2020, but Chapter XVIII is complete. At least there’s that. I’m actually a little concerned about fitting everything I want to (need to?) fit into the last two chapters, but I’ll figure it out! I suspect I’ll have to go back and tweak some…

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Abstract staircase

Another chapter complete: three to go!

At long last, Chapter XVII of Between the Lion and the Wolf (BLW) is complete! I’m roughly 1200 words into Chapter XVIII, and I’ve got some ideas for fleshing out the events between now and Chapter XX. I don’t know why it took so long to complete Chapter XVII. Granted,…

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Kahuku paracord bracelet

January seems so long ago

I’m making some tweaks to bits and pieces of Between the Lion and the Wolf (BLW), and for some reason, I read through some of my prior posts here—including one from January, where I claimed I thought I’d be finished with BLW well before 2020. It’s November, 2019, and I’m…

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Sunrise over Sebec Lake

Summer is over. Again.

We’re back from our annual summer pilgrimage to Maine. Maybe I’m just getting older, but those two weeks seem to pass more and more quickly. Maybe that’s it: maybe it’s not me—maybe time’s speeding up! My oldest son made a similar comment. We made good time on the way up…

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William Caslon's sample sheet

I read a book about typography

I’m a graphic designer by day, so typography (among other things) has always interested me. (I’m a “technical writer” by degree, but I can fit all the “technical writing” I’ve done in any professional capacity on a quark. I haven’t done any.) I just finished “reading” Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements…

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Featured image: King of the Sewer Cats

Other stories in various stages of disrepair

Don’t worry: I’m still working on Between the Lion and the Wolf (BLW), but in between bouts of…not writer’s block, per se, but…I don’t know, something else, I’ve been polishing some ideas for a handful of other stories. Something to keep whatever vestiges of creativity I still possess from drying…

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FI dead truck

Dead truck

My truck died. That’s one of my (many) excuses for not updating more recently. I thought I was pretty hot stuff when I rolled out of the Ford dealership in my brand-spanking new 2001 F-150 Extended Cab pickup truck back in May, 2001. (I wasn’t hot stuff, but that had…

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Image: Bridge is out!

Linville Gorge Wilderness and the tragedy of getting old

I mentioned heading down into Linville Gorge in a previous post. Over the weekend, that’s where I was: above and below the “Grand Canyon of North Carolina,” trying really hard to not feel every one of my 40+ years! We parked a car outside the Table Rock Picnic Area—because the…

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Only six chapters left to write!

I finished Chapter XIV! That’s really all I have to say, but after a few months of having nothing to say, I’m looking for almost any excuse to write something here! (Chapters XII and XIII, as you know, took a while to get out!) I’m curious to know why some…

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