What happened to 2021?

Crop of the Grand Canyon

Hey there, so it’s been about…a really long time since I posted anything to this site. Oops. After my last post, for whatever reason(s), I pretty much walked away from working on Above the Circle of the Earth (ACE). Not because I don’t intend to finish it (I do!), but because, well, reasons.

Lots of projects landed on my plate through 2021. House stuff, mostly, including updating bathroom floors (one down, one to go). I also spent some time prepping for a rim-to-rim hike through the Grand Canyon (a few—just a few!—photos below). And then, of course, actually hiking from rim to rim through the Grand Canyon!

I’m sure there are other excuses I could come up with about why I’m not further along on Book III, but that’s all they’d be: excuses.

Anyway, the other night, I was looking through a bunch of files (I have a small collection of in-progress writing projects) and read through Chapter I and what I’ve written of Chapter II. And I was (still) pretty happy with how things were going! It’s been a couple of days since then, but I started pounding out a few more words, and there’s an end in sight for Chapter II. Which (I’m hoping) means there’s an end in sight for the entirety of ACE!

I’ll post additional updates as things progress.

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