In a chest buried in her basement somewhere, Mom keeps a collection of my “projects” dating back to preschool. Included in that trove are a few stories I wrote when I was in second grade. I think I titled one Monstrous Ice, and I’m sure it’s just as bad as it sounds. Still, that urge to write—that compulsion, almost—persists. I even earned a degree in writing. All right, so it’s in technical writing, but hey…

I grew up in rural Guilford, Maine, and I’ve lived in North Carolina since 1998. While Guilford will always be “home,” small-town North Carolina is where I met my wife and where we brought our two sons home. Those are things you just can’t change—nor would I want to.

I’ll admit I’m winging it here. I’ve dabbled with a web presence in the past, but back then I was more interested in the technical aspects like coding and styling. I’ve since forgotten most of anything I might have known back then, and I’m okay with that: my current goal is keeping this site updated with “news” as I make whatever progress I can—whenever I can—​with my written works. Thanks for your interest: I hope these stories prove to be a worthy trade for your time.

Warm regards,

PS: It’s not outside the realm of possibility—make that probability—that I’ll toss an unrelated post on here from time to time. You’ve been warned!

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