Beneath the Vault of Stars has its first Amazon review!

First Amazon review

This is exciting!

I was checking over the page listing for my book on Amazon when “Be the first to review this item” changed to “1 customer review”! At first I suspected Mom (she’s awesome like that), or maybe even Dad (though fantasy/sci-fi isn’t his thing, he’s been reading it, too—and enjoying it!). But it wasn’t Mom! (Haven’t checked with Dad yet!) So whoever you are, “Amazon Customer,” thank you for your review!

Here it is, verbatim, from Amazon:

A good read with great character development and the right amount of character background. Very descriptive and full of action with adventures and a story line that are beyond imagination. Still trying to wrap my head around it all! Excited to learn what happens to Kalas and co. in the next book.

If you’ve read the book and would like to post a review, please do so! More reviews helps potential readers better gauge whether they’ll enjoy the story or not.

Thanks for indulging me! I’m still hard at work on Book II. As of December 1, 2017, I’m hovering right around 21,000 words, which is roughly twenty percent of Book I!

UPDATE (2020-05-13): Since I updated Beneath the Vault of Stars, the original reviews are no longer associated with the revised version. Still, thank you, anonymous reviewer, for my first review!

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