ëth does not equal ith!

Well this is embarrassing!

In my previous post, I wrote a little about the artificial language I’m developing for The Daybringer stories. Apparently I thought I was more familiar with it than I really am (just like French!): I discovered a place in Chapter XIX where I used the wrong pronoun. For shame! Most people…

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My clothes smell like a fire

If you’ve read through Beneath the Vault of Stars, you’ve probably come across some curious combinations of letters, accents, and diacritical marks. Those are fragments of an (incomplete) artificial language I created for my characters. I’ve drawn up a pronunciation guide, but it needs some work: that’s why it’s not available just…

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What’s this all about, anyway?

I was so excited to get my book out there that I forgot to provide even a brief description of what it’s about! Here’s me trying to correct that oversight! The Daybringer is what I’m calling a “sci-fantasy” story told in three parts. It starts out less “sci,” more “fantasy,” but…

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Proofs are in!

Because I’m impatient (don’t tell my sons!), I ordered a proof—all right, I ordered a bunch of proofs—as soon as I’d uploaded my files to CreateSpace. I don’t think that was a bad thing: waiting for the physical books to arrive gave me more than enough time to correct some…

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Excerpt from Beneath the Vault of Stars, Chapter II

As I spend more time in Kalas’ world, the more amazed I am at some of the situations and events its inhabitants endure. That might be surprising, since I’m arguably sovereign over their destinies, but sometimes, things take on a life of their own. For example: He hadn’t even heard…

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Beneath the Vault of Stars

Back in high school, sitting at my friend Jason’s kitchen table, the two of us were talking about…something. I have no idea what. What I do remember, though, is sensing the germ of this novel taking root. Today I’m a long way from high school: still, this story—its overarching themes,…

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