Chapter XVIII: Done!

Clouds over Sebec Lake

It’s been a rough start to 2020, but Chapter XVIII is complete. At least there’s that. I’m actually a little concerned about fitting everything I want to (need to?) fit into the last two chapters, but I’ll figure it out!

I suspect I’ll have to go back and tweak some details (It felt like Chapter XVIII was easier [faster!] to write than, say, Chapter XVII), but that’s probably true of every chapter. I did spend some time revisiting earlier chapters just to make sure things remained consistent. I think I got ’em all!

Here’s a brief chunk of words from Chapter XVIII. If you’re into that sort of thing:

Before he left, he offered some advice to the captain, his crew, and his passengers: “The Whale prides itself on its peaceful history, but don’t mistake our preference for peace as unwillingness to protect our interests! Tell me, Captain: as a sailor, you’re familiar with various kinds of whales, yes? Toothed whales? Baleen whales?”

“I’m familiar.”

“Of course you are. The Great Whale is a baleen whale. Those who would threaten our sovereignty are krill. You understand?”

Dzholëf nodded. Thurën smiled, polite and cold. “Shelu tsheth zhi Kathin Kiwan nir!” he said. Threatened. Kalas looked from one to the other, not sure what the Ralothovarin meant.

Excerpted from Between the Lion and the Wolf, Chapter XVIII.6

I like where Chapter XVIII led, the details (and exposition) I “discovered” in the process. I think I’ve got some good stuff for Chapters XIX and XX, too: it’s just a matter of keeping it relevant. I’ve always known, with varying degrees of certainty, where Chapter XX would go, but being this much closer to it is refreshing. Invigorating. And I get to use fewer characters in the roman numerals! I need to be careful not to breathe my sigh of relief prematurely, though! There are probably a few (several?!) thousand words remaining before I can call Between the Lion and the Wolf complete, and now, with the finish line around the next bend, I just want this story told! (Then comes editing, typesetting, etc., but that’s another animal altogether!)

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