Excerpt from Beneath the Vault of Stars, Chapter II

As I spend more time in Kalas’ world, the more amazed I am at some of the situations and events its inhabitants endure. That might be surprising, since I’m arguably sovereign over their destinies, but sometimes, things take on a life of their own. For example:

He hadn’t even heard the creature’s approach as it launched itself from a high rock, sailed into him and splayed him on the ground.

“Kalas!” Zhalera screamed.

Stunned, it took Kalas a moment to collect himself. He shook his head and dived out of the way as the hulking black mass came at him again, missing him by mere inches. Its breath, hot and stinking of old meat, condensed in a fetid film on his neck. He leapt to his feet and squared himself with his assailant.

I hope you’ll choose to spend some time in Kalas’ world, too, and that you’ll also find it an amazing place.

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