Well this is embarrassing!

ëth does not equal ith!

In my previous post, I wrote a little about the artificial language I’m developing for The Daybringer stories. Apparently I thought I was more familiar with it than I really am (just like French)!

I discovered a place in Chapter XIX where I used the wrong pronoun. For shame! Most people might not even notice it—there are…approximately zero native speakers of this language—but I noticed it, and thought I’d provide a tiny glimpse into how things work—how they’re supposed to work, at least!

“Ëth” (think death without the “d” sound) represents you (singular); “ith” (think teeth without the “t” sound) represents she. The usage occurs in the following parenthetical: o shelu fîe ith nir, which means may she be at peace. (Literally, at peace may she be.) In the interest of full disclosure, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the mistake if I weren’t double-checking things for a scene in Book II! Still, it’s used correctly in a few other places, so it’s probable that an eagle-eyed reader would catch it—and hopefully let me know!

I’ve corrected it in the Kindle edition. I’ll update the print edition soon!

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