What’s this all about, anyway?


I was so excited to get my book out there that I forgot to provide even a brief description of what it’s about! Here’s me trying to correct that oversight!

The Daybringer is what I’m calling a “sci-fantasy” story told in three parts. It starts out less “sci,” more “fantasy,” but the two will blend as the overarching story progresses. Starting with Beneath the Vault of Stars, we experience the narrative from Kalas’ perspective. It’s through his senses that we’re able to explore his world: it’s through his discoveries that we gain a deeper appreciation for the stakes involved.

From the back cover:

Ancient evils from the depths of history

Lohwàlar had always been a simple place—until the day Kalas and his father discover something unlike anything the world has ever known. The day mythology becomes reality as creatures from an unknown past wreak terror upon Lohwàlar’s people—upon Kalas himself. The day everything changes.

A prophecy from an unremembered time

It’s more than just the town. More than the mysterious deaths and disappearances, the curious music Kalas hears inside his head: music no one else seems to notice. More than the hints of prophecy suddenly brought to light. And it’s more than the newly-arrived cleric whose abilities border on the magical.

A young man’s journey toward the fate of the world

With no one else to turn to, Kalas, with his friends and mentors, journeys toward a place of answers—and new questions. A place to stand against the fast-approaching night. A place where Kalas might finally understand his role in the ancient prophecy woven throughout his crumbling world.

There! Maybe that better illustrates what this is all about?! Hopefully it’s enough to prompt you to accompany Kalas on his journey.

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